The start of a new Era

First steps

Tias crew

The lavender Twilek climbs out of her bunk and pulls on the orange jumpsuit, zipping it up to her sports bra, she’s doesn’t have to work it quite yet and her charms are only a few zips away.
Slapping her HK-21 protector droid and telling him to get the bags while she gather the rest of the crew a Gand seeker and a wolf mechanic. She never saw that composition but anything to get her skyward.
Approaching Tito and freight Depot, She remembers being in line with the desperate and down trodden, trying to get hired on to a crew to make a few credits. The sight is always the same and its always depressing. This time however there is a old Speeder pickup parked outside with a Nautalin on the hood, causally leaning against the windscreen, like this is the only place he needs to be.
“Can’t park there!” she shouts over the pleas of the crowd.
“Tito is in one of his moods but I’m not going anywhere until he does right by our agreement.”
Not your problem, Tia, she mummers to herself as she scans his gear. Clearly he is a professional something and all she wants it to get a run and be off. “Thanks for the heads up about Tito!” she yells as she goes though the door.
Tito’s lobby looks like any other Bureaucratic office, sorta clean but old. Filled with other crews in a Que waiting for their job packets. Her crew lines up and waits.
Yeah, he’s in a special kinda mood. The Toydarian isn’t his normal spiteful self, today he is extra cranky. Something must be wrong. Perhaps she can leverage a better gig seeing as he is off his game. Zip. Navel is exposed and the charm is pouring off her as she approaches his desk.
“What!?” Tito Grumbles not looking up from his data pad.
“Just need a Gig Tito. Looks like you could use some help though”
Tito Looks up, then slowly lets his gaze track down her peaks and valleys terminating at her zipper tag urging it to go further down the track by his sheer will alone. Snapping back to his senses the scowl returns. “What do you think you can do for me green jockey?”
“Well it looks like you need a crew to do something Dangerous and fun. Let’s just discuss price.”
Maybe it was the pheromones or the stress but Tito Actually gave her a shot at running supplies to one of the outer belt mining platforms. Seems like a crew already disappeared and something was causing interference with the station.
Jackpot! Danger equals opportunity and credits!


Shweet. Curiosity piqued. Wish I was there.

First steps
Mr_Tambora Mr_Tambora

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