The start of a new Era

The Find

Gand Seeks. This a a common phrase if you have ever met a Gand. If you have ever been on the business end of a Bounty contract with a Gand hunter then you know its true. This particular time the Gand is working for a Lavender skinned Twilek and a her droid. She is bright eyed and hungry for more than a simple life and her Droid is more than a protocol droid, closer to a friend and companion but all danger. This the Gand knows. There is also a Big furry mechanic lurking in the guts of this beat up Mon Calimari freighter. Gand believes its a Shistavanen. Lupine and feral looks but its prey seems not to be wild game but rather getting this bucket in working order. This endeavor keeps the creature growling and scurrying around in the engineering bay.
Gand remembers Standing outside of Tito’s office holding a sign with one word “SEEK”. Tia walked four steps past before turning and asking our name. “Gand” we replied. She then asked if I was a a Findsman. We nodded. The signs were right. Even here Our journey is known. Gand will seek. Gand will Find!
She studied us for a second and asked "Will you work for me if I help you? "
“Gand Accepts” It is the right choice. Now my path will truly start.
Astronaivgation come second nature to Gand. Maps lead to things and tools to help seek. When the Captain asked Gand to search the asteroid belt it was clear that something was wrong. The rocks usually cluster and move together in a celestial dance, but there was a disturbance of a major proportion. Gand will Seek. Our destination is the station Temperance. A mining depot. we deliver the ore and find more data and perhaps more questions.
Temperance was a war zone. Asteroids were pummeling her shields and hull as lasers did their best to disintegrate them and lessen the damage. Gand is intrigued and interested. This is a test and challenge! Time to track the biggest threats.
A short time later Tia calls on the comlink and asks us to help the Temperance with destroying the biggest and most severe of the asteroids bearing down upon them. She has not released the cargo and probably struck a new and better deal with the commander of the station. This will be a good captain and Gand had already tagged them as priority threats. Now for firing solutions and Probability outcomes. This will help get closer to a name but where did they all come from? Lets calculate while the data is transferred. Perhaps this will be of use.
Some time later Tia assumes her possition on the helm and asks us to navigate back to Hodak. “Gand finds source of asteroids. Looks like large explosion deep in the belt. Two ships cores at least.” I say while handing the data pad over. I wait studying her eyes as I see them light up. A smirk emerges on her lips as she hands it back and says “SEEK” This is the right captain and crew. The mist be praised. Let it lift and show the way. We will have a name, one day. It is foretold.
A few days later and the epicenter of the blast is reached. So much data. Time for work. The crew moves into high gear. Lets see what is left.
There……in the distance……a ship tumbling lifeless away from the blast. A discarded clue to what happened. Tia barks out order to match speed and rotation. She wishes to stop its tumble and see what can be salvaged. What seemed several lifetimes passed in a few minutes as Tia bends the ship to her will and the soft thump locks the two hulls together. Then pressure and sound as they slowly stop the chaotic dance and settle to float in the black.
Gand stays at the helm while they search. They will call if they need help and he will watch the skies for more danger. They are a new crew and Gand has not yet proved worth and trust. Time and opportunity will sort it out.
Later they share the data with Gand. The ship is an YT-2000 Corellian light freighter with no registered transponder. Illegal. Very illegal. A holotape was still attached to a astromech arm in the console of the cockpit, showing a human telling the mech to lock out all safety protocols for decompression, right before he locked the mech in the cockpit. He was holding a bag and several thermal detonators. Several minutes after that a squad of storm troopers laser cut their way to the bridge. That was right before an explosion and everything was blown out of the ship!
They also found a smugglers hold containing five modified transponders. Two of which are from core planets. Corussant and Kuat! Pricey and dangerous. With tis was 3000 credits, and two Blaster pistols. a nice haul indeed but nothing compared with a working ship with a hyperdrive. She needs extensive work but its better than renting the Crab from Santiago. The captain looks pensive closes her eyes and meditates for a moment. When they open Gand could read a plan forming.
Tia grabs one of the transponders and tells Auntie Beast, the furry one to install it. The she says " Lets plot a course back to Hodak. We are going to have to see Tomas Redding if we are going to get the “Losers Weepers” online and ready for her new crew!
“The mist parts and shows the light and the way forward. Be ready to Seek” – Grand Findsman Tolek Porr


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