The start of a new Era

Dawn breaks in the rim.

“Hrumph” the utterance escaped under his breath at the first rays of light start illuminating the scrapyard signaling the start of a new day cycle. The droids restraining bolts keep them from chatting and filling the empty silence with meaningless rhetoric..Tomas just stands still taking in these few moments, the only he will likely see for the rest of the day. Hope this day brings in something interesting. Another mans trash that he will squeeze into meager credits.

The new guy hasent crawled out of his trailer pod but he is always on time. Pretty good at spotting value in the scrap and refuse that comes this way. He also dosent talk much. Prefers to stay out of the way and keeps things private.and close to the chest. Tomas likes that. Never ask too many questions on the rim. Brings nothing but trouble.

There he is. Whats his name again? Corponia…nope. Cordova! Yeah. Thats it. Alexander Cordova. Not a bad name and likely only temporary Tomas muses. Watching him walk the yard trying to look casual while scanning and calculating exits and threats. Reminds him of some past Associates and pledges he made in his youth. Traded his innocence for a box of medals and this tin leg.Now its just the yard on the Rim.

Lex opens the door to get the days Docket. One step closer. He knows Tomas will be there looking over the yard, drinking that pungent tea. He’ll barely glance over and hand me a data pad on the scheduled drops and tell me happy hunting. Then let me be. Good arrangement.

“….Yeah, Ill make the arrangements. Ill put my best man on it, He is discreet.” Tomas says eyeing Lex with a slight gleam and smirk as he terminates the comm link. "Looks like to day is going to be special. Grab your gear. Time to shine! "


Mr_Tambora Mr_Tambora

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