Cyphis Tark


Bothan in Port Lund on Belthas IV. What this guy did to call down the heat is unknown.

What he did to get $20000 credit bounty is unknown.

What Tomas wants from him is unknown.

Known watering holes are Tilis cantina, Jungle knot, Caperton Square, and the wayward star.


It seems the city was too hot for this Bothan. What he did to whom is unknown, but a $20,000 credit bounty speaks volumes.

The city is vibrating with a palpable tension, on the edge of explosion. The bounty hunters, Empire, Rebels and the Hutts are waiting for him to Pop out of whatever hole he climbed into.

Its assumed that he built a Protocol Droid Suit and walked out of the city.

Cyphis Tark

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