Losers weepers

This YT-2000 Correlean ship was at the epicenter of an explosion in the asteroid belt


Found tumbling from the blast, this ship has severe damage and the docking ring is twisted and exposed. The interior has blaster fire damage and the cockpit door was laser cut open. Tia’s crew found a hidden cache of transponders, credits and two blasters. Hk-21 replayed a recording showing a human male ordering the astromech to disengage all of the safety protocols before locking the bridge. Some time later a squad of storm troopers cut their way onto the bridge right before an explosion rocked the ship and decompression blew everything into deep space. Apparently she has some secrets……….


Now that she has had a good scrub and repairs from the Redfield Scrapyard, The “Losers Weepers” is ready for her first space fairing mission…off to Port Lund to see about the tricky Bothan, Cyphus Tark. Seems he has something of Tomas Reddings, and if the crew wants to pay for the repairs and get further discounts, they had better find it…..and fast!

Losers weepers

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